An Efficient ADER-DG Local Time Stepping Scheme for 3D HPC Simulation of Seismic Waves in Poroelastic Media

  title={An Efficient ADER-DG Local Time Stepping Scheme for 3D HPC Simulation of Seismic Waves in Poroelastic Media},
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Analytical Solution for Wave Propagation in Stratified Poroelastic Medium. Part II: the 3D Case

We are interested in the modeling of wave propagation in poroelastic media. We consider the biphasic Biot's model in an infinite bilayered medium, with a plane interface. We adopt the Cagniard-De

3D acoustic-elastic coupling with gravity: the dynamics of the 2018 Palu, Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami

We present a highly scalable 3D fully-coupled Earth & ocean model of earthquake rupture and tsunami generation and perform the first fully coupled simulation of an actual earthquake-tsunami event and

Green's functions and radiation patterns in poroelastic solids revisited

SUMMARY A consistent and unified formulation of Green's functions for wave propagation in poroelastic solids based on Biot's theory is given. Over the last decades various authors have made the

Discontinuous Galerkin methods for wave propagation in poroelastic media, GEOPHYSICS

  • T77–T97. URL:
  • 2008

SeisSol on Distributed Multi-GPU Systems: CUDA Code Generation for the Modal Discontinuous Galerkin Method

A GPU implementation of the high order Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) scheme in SeisSol, a software package for simulating seismic waves and earthquake dynamics, is presented and it is shown that directly mapping the LTS method from CPUs to distributed GPU environments results in lower hardware utilization.

Subcell-resolution finite-difference modelling of seismic waves in Biot and JKD poroelastic media

We present a discrete representation of strongly heterogeneous poroelastic medium with the JKD-model of the frequency-dependent permeability and resistive friction, and the corresponding

Yet Another Tensor Toolbox for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods and Other Applications

This work explores the possibility to abstract the numerical scheme as small tensor operations, describe them in a domain-specific language (DSL) resembling the Einstein notation, and to map them to small General Matrix-Matrix Multiplication routines.

An updated set of basic linear algebra subprograms (BLAS)

L. SUSAN BLACKFORD Myricom, Inc. JAMES DEMMEL University of California, Berkeley JACK DONGARRA The University of Tennessee IAIN DUFF Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and CERFACS SVEN HAMMARLING

Seismic waves in medium with poroelastic/elastic interfaces: a two-dimensional P-SV finite-difference modelling

We present a new methodology of the finite-difference (FD) modelling of seismic wave propagation in a strongly heterogeneous medium composed of poroelastic (P) and (strictly) elastic (E) parts. The