An Editor for Hierarchically Organized Menus


Abswact-Users of teleterminals need access trees which are personalized menus. It is helpful to use an editor that modifies existing access trees and creates new access trees by translating huttonpushing input into screen and action output. Users need only be familiar with the operation of function selection menus to construct new.or change existing access trees. This paper discusses such a tree editor and the diffkulties that must be overcome in creating a user friendly tree editor.

DOI: 10.1109/JSAC.1983.1145927

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@article{Caswell1983AnEF, title={An Editor for Hierarchically Organized Menus}, author={Deborah L. Caswell and Ronald D. Gordon}, journal={IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications}, year={1983}, volume={1}, pages={343-345} }