An Economic Analysis of Polygyny: The Case of Maiduguri

  title={An Economic Analysis of Polygyny: The Case of Maiduguri},
  author={Amyra Grossbard},
  journal={Current Anthropology},
  pages={701 - 707}
  • Amyra Grossbard
  • Published 1 December 1976
  • Economics, Sociology
  • Current Anthropology
This article demonstrates that economic analysis can contribute helpful insights to the understanding of marriage choices in a non-Western society. Polygyny illustrates ideally the relevance of economics to any topic where scarcity constrains the attainment of valued goals. All predictions derived from economic theory are confirmed in the empirical analysis of households in the polygynous city of Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria. The novelty of this study lies in the hypotheses generated by… 
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  • Sociology, Economics
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  • 1992
The results of these quantitative analyses suggest that through a combination of judicious marriage choice and strategic responses within marriage, polygyny need not be costly to women in resource-defense polygynous systems.
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