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An Ecological and Taxonomic 1Accohn.t of the Algae of a Semi-marine Cavern, Paradise CaveQueensland

  title={An Ecological and Taxonomic 1Accohn.t of the Algae of a Semi-marine Cavern, Paradise CaveQueensland},
  author={A. B. Cribb},
  • A. Cribb
  • Published 1965
  • Environmental Science
Summary AN ECOLOGICAL AND TAXONOMIC ACCOUNT OF THE ALGAE OF A SEMI-MARINE CAVERN, PARADISE CAVE., QUEENSLAND* Paradise Cave is a semi-marine cavern approximately !40 ft long, penetrated by the sea only during rough weather, and its algal vegetation is largely dependent on the occurrence of freshwater seepage from roof and walls. The distribution of the species is described and the following species, most of which are newly reported for Queensland, are discussed: Plectonema purpureum Gom… 



A New Genus of Terrestrial Algæ

The discovery of Cladophorella shows that the capacity for a subaerial existence is general among the groups of Chlorophyceæ, and the only major group of Green Algæ in which so far no truly terrestrial representatives had been found.

A Preliminary Check-List of British Marine Algae

  • M. Parke
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
  • 1953
This preliminary list of some of the classes of the algae has been prepared to form a basis on which to work for the eventual compilation of a complete check and locality list of all species of British marine algae.

New Species and Transfers in Myxophyceae

The structure of the plants which pass in the literature under the names cited as synonyms above proves to be so very similar to that of Entophysalis granulosa Kiitz that it is imperative to propose this transfer.

Observations on Some West American Thermal Algæ

An annotated list, with drawings, of thermal algae, based on collections made in several western localities during the past two years is presented.

The marine algae of east Greenland