An Eco-architecture Based Approach for Supporting Design for Disassembly


* Corresponding author: Abstract The end-of-life (EOL) disassembly is an important process in the product retirement stage. In order to improve the ease of disassembly, it is essential to design a product which can be easily disassembled. In this paper, a novel concept of eco-architecture is introduced and a method for analyzing the eco-architecture of a product at the configuration design stage is proposed. The eco-architecture is the architecture of a product, described from the end-of-life viewpoint, in which a product is represented as an assembly of EOL modules. An EOL module is a physical chunk of connected components which can be recovered or disposed as a single unit without further disassembly. The eco-architecture prescribes the optimal EOL strategy concerning how to disassemble a product and what to do with each of the resulting disassembled parts. The understanding of eco-architecture supports designers to accomplish Design for Disassembly from the early stage of design in an efficient and effective manner.

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