An Early Cretaceous fruit with affinities to Ceratophyllaceae.

  title={An Early Cretaceous fruit with affinities to Ceratophyllaceae.},
  author={David L Dilcher and Hongshan Wang},
  journal={American journal of botany},
  volume={96 12},
A new genus and species with affinities to Ceratophyllaceae from the Lower Cretaceous of Kansas, USA is reported. The fruits of Donlesia dakotensis gen. et sp. nov. are smooth achenes with two winged lateral spines, two winged facial spines, one stylar spine, and a long peduncle with a distinctive groove. The facial spines are arranged perpendicular to the lateral spines. The seed contains two cotyledons and a central plumule. Dichotomous leaves associated with Donlesia dakotensis fruits are… CONTINUE READING

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