An EC-branch in the decay of 27-s 263Db: Evidence for the isotope 263Rf

  title={An EC-branch in the decay of 27-s 263Db: Evidence for the isotope 263Rf},
  author={J. V. Kratz and A. N{\"a}hler and U. Rieth and A. Kronenberg and B. Kuczewski and E. Strub and W. Br{\"u}chle and M. Schaedel and B. Schausten and A. T{\"u}rler and H. G{\"a}ggeler and D. Jost and K. E. Gregorich and H. Nitsche and C. Laue and R. Sudowe and P. Wilk},
  journal={Radiochimica Acta},
  pages={59 - 62}
  • J. V. Kratz, A. Nähler, +14 authors P. Wilk
  • Published 2003
  • Chemistry
  • Radiochimica Acta
  • Summary 27-s 263Db was produced in the 249Bk ( 18O, 4n) reaction at 93 MeV. The activity was transported by a He/KCl-jet to the laboratory where it was collected for 15 min and then subjected to a chemical separation specific for group-4 elements. The activity was dissolved in 0.5 M unbuffered α-HiB and eluted from a cation-exchange column. The effluent was made 9 M in HCl and group-4 tetrachlorides were extracted into TBP/Cyclohexane which was evaporated to dryness on a Ta disc. The Ta discs… CONTINUE READING
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