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An Axiomatic Approach to Proportionality between Matrices Author ( s ) :

  title={An Axiomatic Approach to Proportionality between Matrices Author ( s ) :},
  author={Michel Balinski and Gabrielle Demange},
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Algorithms for proportional matrices in reals and integers

Closely related axiomatic approaches have been developed to ascribe meanings to the statements: the real matrixf and the integer matrixa are “proportional to” a given matrixp ≥ 0.

Convex Sets of Non-Negative Matrices

  • R. Brualdi
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 1968
In (8) M. V. Menon investigates the diagonal equivalence of a non-negative matrix A to one with prescribed row and column sums and shows that this equivalence holds provided there exists at least one

On Dividing an Amount According to Individual Claims or Liabilities

Every consistent, continuous taxation method optimizes an additively separable objective function and optimal allocations may be computed by a simple Lagrange multiplier technique.

Concerning nonnegative matrices and doubly stochastic matrices

This paper is concerned with the condition for the convergence to a doubly stochastic limit of a sequence of matrices obtained from a nonnegative matrix A by alternately scaling the rows and columns

Flows in Networks

The techniques presented by Ford and Fulkerson spurred the development of powerful computational tools for solving and analyzing network flow models, and also furthered the understanding of linear programming.

Diagonal equivalence to matrices with prescribed row and column sums. II

Let A be a nonnegative m x n matrix and let r= (rl, ** I rm) and c = (c1' * c ) be positive vectors such that ?m r. = zn. c1. It is well known that if there exists a nonnegative z =1 z ]-=1 m x n

Fair Representation: Meeting the Ideal of One Man

A theory of fair representation is developed that concludes that the current apportionment formula cheats the larger states in favor of the smaller, contrary to the intentions of the founding fathers and compromising the Supreme Court's ""one man, one vote"" rulings.

An iterative row-action method for interval convex programming

The iterative primal-dual method of Bregman for solving linearly constrained convex programming problems, which utilizes nonorthogonal projections onto hyperplanes, is represented in a compact form,

Game theoretic analysis of a bankruptcy problem from the Talmud

Flows in transportation networks