An Axial-Flux Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator for a Direct-Coupled Wind-Turbine System

  title={An Axial-Flux Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator for a Direct-Coupled Wind-Turbine System},
  author={Tze-fun Chan and Loi Lei Lai},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion},
  • T. Chan, L. Lai
  • Published 20 February 2007
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
This paper presents a unique axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous generator (AFPMSG), which is suitable for both vertical-axis and horizontal-axis wind turbine generation systems. An outer-rotor design facilitates direct coupling of the generator to the wind turbine, while a coreless armature eliminates the magnetic pull between the stationary and moving parts. The design and construction features of the AFPMSG are reviewed. The flux-density distribution is studied, with the aid of a finite… Expand
A novel wind energy system
  • T. Chan, L. Lai
  • Engineering
  • 2009 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
  • 2009
A novel wind energy system is proposed and studied in this paper. An axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous generator (AFPMSG) is directly coupled to a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT), which canExpand
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Performance of an Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator From 3-D Finite-Element Analysis
For the first time, this paper presents field computation results and performance of an axial-flux permanent magnet synchronous generator (AFPMSG) based on a time-stepping, 3-D finite-elementExpand
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An analysis of field test data for a self-made SWT with a direct drive, slot-less, concentrated winding, Axial Flux Permanent-Magnet Generator is presented and shows that the mechanical nature of the described fault makes a slow sampling rate algorithm suitable for CM systems for SWTs. Expand
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Design and FE analysis of an outer-rotor PM generator for directly-coupled wind turbine applications
  • Jian Yi Chen, C. Nayar, Longya Xu
  • Engineering
  • Conference Record of 1998 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Third IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.98CH36242)
  • 1998
This paper presents the design and finite element (FE) analysis of a permanent magnet (PM) generator using neodymium-iron-boron magnets for directly-coupled wind turbine applications. To accomplishExpand
Axial flux, modular, permanent-magnet generator with a toroidal winding for wind turbine applications
  • E. Muljadi, C. Butterfield, Y. Wan
  • Engineering
  • Conference Record of 1998 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Third IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.98CH36242)
  • 1998
Permanent-magnet generators have been used for wind turbines for many years. Many small wind turbine manufacturers use direct-drive permanent-magnet generators. For wind turbine generators, theExpand
Direct coupled, permanent magnet generators for wind turbine applications
Multipole radial field machines with permanent magnet excitation can be used as direct coupled generators in wind turbines and can be built to fit within the confined space of a nacelle. HighExpand
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A hybrid method for calculating the performance of a coreless stator axial flux permanent-magnet (AFPM) generator uses a combination of finite-element analysis and theoretical analysis and is incorporated into a multidimensional optimization procedure to optimally design a large power corelessstator AFPM generator. Expand
Performance of coreless-winding axial-flux permanent-magnet generator with power output at 400 Hz-3000 rev/min
An axial-flux permanent magnet machine (AFPM) topology with a coreless winding is proposed for generator units required aboard ships, aircraft or hybrid-electric vehicles. In the proposed AFPMExpand
Performance of a three-phase AC generator with inset NdFeB permanent-magnet rotor
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Electromagnetic design of axial-flux permanent magnet machines
A general, analytic approach to the calculation of magnet fields in a slottless, axial-flux, permanent magnet generator is presented. The basic 'building block' is the vector potential produced by aExpand
Design of slotless TORUS generators with reduced voltage regulation
The slotless toroidal-stator permanent-magnet machine 'TORUS' can be integrated with an engine to form a compact generating set, but the terminal voltage naturally reduces on load because theExpand