An Automation System for Controlling Streetlights and Monitoring Objects Using Arduino

  title={An Automation System for Controlling Streetlights and Monitoring Objects Using Arduino},
  author={Zain Mumtaz and Saleem Ullah and Zeeshan Ilyas and Naila Aslam and Shahid Iqbal and Shuo Liu and Jehangir Arshad Meo and Hamza Ahmad Madni},
  journal={Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)},
We present an Arduino-based automation system to control the streetlights based on solar rays and object’s detection. We aim to design various systems to achieve the desired operations, which no longer require time-consuming manual switching of the streetlights. The proposed work is accomplished by using an Arduino microcontroller, a light dependent resistor (LDR) and infrared-sensors while, two main contributions are presented in this work. Firstly, we show that the streetlights can be… 

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