An Automated Approach for Writing Alloy Specifications Using Instances

  title={An Automated Approach for Writing Alloy Specifications Using Instances},
  author={Sarfraz Khurshid and Muhammad Zubair Malik and Engin Uzuncaova},
  journal={Second International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation (isola 2006)},
We present aDeryaft, a novel technique for automating the writing of specifications in Alloy-a first-order relational logic with transitive closure. Alloy is particularly suitable for specifying structural properties of software, and has steadily been gaining popularity due to the rapid feedback that its SAT-based analyzer provides fully automatically. Alloy users however, still have to manually write specifications in a declarative language and use a paradigm that is different from the… CONTINUE READING
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