An Attorney's Roadmap to the Digital Signature Guidelines


The example illustrates the challenge of conducting secure electronic commerce on the Internet, where, as the famous New Yorker cartoon says, "They can't tell you're a dog." Although the Internet is increasingly attractive as a commercial channel, the dark side is that the lntemet is notoriously insecure in its normal configuration as an "open system," where there are no trusted gatekeepers to authenticate identity of users entering the system. Sophisticated hackers are demonstrably able to send messages "spoofing" the identity and e-mail address of others, and to intrude in private communications between others intercepting, reading, modifying and sending messages along again, without detection. Many believe that if electronic commerce continues to accelerate its volume without substantial improvements in security, commercial losses through such attacks will also grow in volume motivated not only by mischief but by the "Willie Sutton" syndrome ("Willie, why do you rob banks? . . . . Because the money's there.")

DOI: 10.1007/3-540-63594-7_84

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