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An Atomistic First-Principles Density Functional Theory Model for Single Layer Dry \textit{Stratum Corneum}

  title={An Atomistic First-Principles Density Functional Theory Model for Single Layer Dry \textit\{Stratum Corneum\}},
  author={{\'E}rika Tiemi Sato and Neila Machado and Daniele R. Ara'ujo and Luciana Campos Paulino and Herculano Martinho},
  journal={arXiv: Soft Condensed Matter},
Many questions concerning the biophysical and physiological properties of skin are still open. Skin aging, permeability, dermal absorption, hydration and drug transdermal delivery, are few examples of processes with its underlying mechanisms unveiled. In this work we present a first-principles density functional quantum atomistic model for single layer stratum corneum (SC) in order to contribute to unveil the molecular interactions behind the skin properties at this scale. The molecular… 

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