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An Atlas of Speleothem Microfabrics (University of Georgia)

  title={An Atlas of Speleothem Microfabrics (University of Georgia)},
  author={L. Bruce Railsback},
This site gives access to an on-line atlas of speleothem microfabrics and is an attempt to systematically present images of all known microfabrics found in stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones, and other chemically precipitated cave deposits. The atlas contains 9 parts and each includes an introduction and high quality photos (often images from thin sections). A large bibliography is also included. 


High resolution X-ray computed tomography (HRXCT) has been barely used in speleothem science. This technique has been used to study a Holocene stalagmite from Praileaitz Cave (Northern Spain) to

Preservation and diagenesis in ancient speleothems: evidence from Bear Cave, Yukon Territory

  • S. Agosta
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • 2010
Speleothems are rare in high-latitude and high-altitude caves, which is why Bear Cave in the north-western Yukon Territory is particularly unique, as it houses some of the oldest and highest latitude

Ancient maya stone tools and ritual use of deep valley rockshelter, Belize

This paper discusses the technological and microscopic use-wear analyses of the chert debitage excavated from Deep Valley Rockshelter. This rockshelter, located in the Caves Branch River Valley of

Cavités et remplissages de la nappe karstique de Charente (bassin de la Touvre, La Rochefoucauld). Spéléogenèse par fantômisation, archives pléistocène et holocène, rôle de l'effet de site

Cette these est consacree aux grottes et aux depots souterrains du grand bassin karstique charentais de la Touvre, la deuxieme source de France qui alimente Angouleme. Le premier objectif est de