An Assessment of the Value of Hypnosis in Pregnancy and Labour*

  title={An Assessment of the Value of Hypnosis in Pregnancy and Labour*},
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  • J. Davidson
  • Published 13 October 1962
  • Medicine
  • British Medical Journal
Considerable attention is being paid to the emotional and mental state of women in pregnancy and labour. With modern antenatal care in this country, the physical hazards of pregnancy and labour have been greatly reduced, but the emotional and mental hazards have, if anything, been increased by the high hospital-confinement rate, with the attendant risk of impersonal attention in strange surroundings. One of many methods of reducing fear and emotional tension in pregnant women is to use hypnosis… 
Can hypnosis reduce postnatal depression
It is suggested that the value of hypnosis in reducing the incidence of PND needs to be evaluated by clinical trial, using the well-validated Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale as an outcome measure.
An argument for the revival of hypnosis in obstetrics.
Abstract Available research, clinical reports, and extensive personal experience demonstrate that hypnosis, and especially the hypnoreflexogenous technique, facilitates the mother's comfort in
The efficacy of hypnosis intervention in alleviating the psychological and physical symptoms during pregnancy, labour, and postpartum / Zuhrah Beevi Kunji Ahmad
This study investigates the efficacy of hypnosis intervention in alleviating the psychological and physical symptoms during pregnancy and labour as well as postpartum, and indicates that the experimental group had experienced reduced post partum depression.
A comparative evaluation of obstetrical hypnosis and antenatal childbirth training.
  • B. Davenport-Slack
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The International journal of clinical and experimental hypnosis
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There are little data to support claims that either hypnosis or antenatal training reduces labor length or reducesthe experience of pain, and future studies are needed to correct a number of methodological errors.
Comparison of hypnosis with conventional relaxation for antenatal and intrapartum use: a feasibility study in general practice.
  • L. Brann, S. Gužvica
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    The Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners
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The hypnosis group were more satisfied with labour than the psychoprophylaxis group and they reported other benefits of hypnosis, for example, reduction in anxiety and help with getting to sleep.
Hypnosis for pain management during childbirth : a meta-analysis
The results indicated that hypnosis did not have a significant effect on the use of pharmacological analgesia, including epidural, on mode of birth or on satisfaction with pain relief, although the intervention shows some promise.
The use of hypnosis in labor and delivery : a preliminary study
Whether the use of self-hypnosis by low-risk obstetric patients leads to fewer technologic interventions during their deliveries or greater satisfaction of parturients with their delivery experience or both is investigated.
Antenatal hypnosis training and childbirth experience: a randomized controlled trial.
A brief course in self-hypnosis to ease childbirth improved the women's childbirth experience in this large randomized controlled trial.
The effects of hypnosis on the labor processes and birth outcomes of pregnant adolescents.
Research studies from around the world have shown that the use of hypnosis for childbirth results in shorter labors and reduced use of pain medication, and higher Apgar scores.


Hypnotism for Medical and Dental Practitioners
The authors have found that simultaneous audio-visual demonstration of the sounds is a technique of very great value, since the reception together of sound by the ear and its graphic pattern by the eye watching an oscilloscope or direct-writing stethograph is much more impressive than their reception separately.
Relaxation and Exercise for Natural Childbirth
The result is a most interesting and readable work, concluding with a section, invaluable to the ophthalmologist who wishes to explore this field, on practical methods of examination of animal eyes, and an excellently illustrated chapter on animal fundi.
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