An Assessment of the River Water Quality Parameters: A case of Jamuna River

  title={An Assessment of the River Water Quality Parameters: A case of Jamuna River},
  author={M. Rakib Uddin and Alam and M H Mobin and Ma Miah},
  journal={Journal of Environmental Science and Natural Resources},
  • M. Uddin, Alam, +1 author M. Miah
  • Published 2015
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of Environmental Science and Natural Resources
River water quality is a key concern as it is used for drinking and domestic purpose, irrigation and aquatic life including fish and fisheries. The Jamuna River is one of the most prominent central rivers in Bangladesh as well as it represents the tapestries line of our riverine country. The river can play a vital role to contribute social economic structure of development as a developing country like Bangladesh. The study was conducted to assess the physical and chemical water quality… Expand

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