An Assessment of Visual Discomfort Caused by Motion-in-Depth in Stereoscopic 3D Video

  title={An Assessment of Visual Discomfort Caused by Motion-in-Depth in Stereoscopic 3D Video},
  author={Sang-Hyun Cho and Hang-Bong Kang},
The motion-in-depth is an important factor in measuring visual discomfort when watching stereoscopic 3D video since it changes accommodation and vergence at the same time. In this paper, we examine visual discomfort caused by motion-in-depth in terms of viewing time and display size in watching stereoscopic 3D video. The assessment methods for visual discomfort we used were a subjective test such as a questionnaire, and an objective test such as eye blink rate detection. The experimental… Expand
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  • Sang-Hyun Cho, Hang-Bong Kang
  • Computer Science
  • 2012 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops
  • 2012
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