An Aspect of Lexicography Still Not Fully Professionalized: The Search for Antedatings and Postdatings (With Examples Mostly from English and Some from Other Languages)

  title={An Aspect of Lexicography Still Not Fully Professionalized: The Search for Antedatings and Postdatings (With Examples Mostly from English and Some from Other Languages)},
  author={David L. Gold},
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Antedating headwords in the third edition of the OED: Findings and problems
The present paper describes problems involved in antedating headwords in the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED3). One of the elements in urgent need of revision in the previous
Dating and Chronology in the Lexicology of Mormon English
ABSTRACT:Antedating the earliest known usage of a word has the potential to reconfigure our understanding of its origins and relationship to morphologically related words, as well as its place in the
Etymological Myths and Compound Etymologies in Rhyming Slang
ABSTRACT Knowledge of how rhyming slang works has often led scholars and laypeople to assume, without a shred of evidence, that many words of unknown derivation have their origins in this form of


The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary (review)
This comprehensive publication dealing with the Oxford English Dictionary as a project consists of thirteen chapters. It traces the development of the OED from its earliest beginnings through the
The letters of John Keats, 1814-1821
For many years one of the most serious needs in the literary world has been for a definitive edition of the letters of Keats. Now one of the world's foremost Keats authorities, Hyder Edward Rollins
The Spoken Language and the Dramatic Text: Some Notes on the Interpretation of Shakespeare's Language
N a recent essay on "Shakespeare and Elizabethan English" Professor Willcock stressed "the necessity of keeping continually in mind the oral aspects of Shakespeare's language, originally conceived in
The Confidence-Man and the Literary World of New York
EN MELVILLE MOVED to New York in September of 1847, he was introduced to a society of literati only slightly less colorful than the knights and squires he had known in the Pacific. The beliefs and
The Prototype for Melville's Confidence-Man
A LTHOUGH many of the Confidence-Man guises have been identified with original sources, as yet no one has isolated the primary source figure-the original confidence man upon whom Melville based his
Pi: A Source Book
From the contents: Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus-Problem 50.- Engles. Quadrature of the Circle in Ancient Egypt.- Archimedes. Measurement of a Circle.-
Squaring the circle
Dissension in the British government about economic policy has wider implications.
Letter to the editor
The trans-mastoid approach for treatment of otogenic brain abscess is easy, based on sound scientiŽc base, inexpensive and feasible in a rural setup also and has the advantage of eradication of the primary source of infection and identi-cations of the infected dural site.
Baseball Befare We Knew It; A Searchfor the Roots ofthe Gome. Omaha
  • 2005