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An Architecture for Integrating Virtual Sales Assistant Technology into E-Business Environments

  title={An Architecture for Integrating Virtual Sales Assistant Technology into E-Business Environments},
  author={Thorsten Gurzki},
The bicycle carrier apparatus of the invention has a commercially obtainable pneumatic or similar power lift device positioned longitudinally in and along an elongate bicycle lifting and supporting columnar standard whose lower end is pivotally mounted on a preferably rotatable turntable as part of a mounting base that is adapted for attachment, usually through longitudinal bars inserted in such base, to conventional transverse bars of the usual rooftop luggage rack of an automotive vehicle… 

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Una Propuesta para una Interaccion Usuario-Sistema

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Beyond Transaction: Serviceportale“, in: Proceedings of the Fraunhofer IAO Forum “Elektronische Marktplaetze und Serviceportale”, Fraunhofer IAO

  • 2001

Intelligent Sales Assistants for the World Wide Web

  • KI-Künstliche Intelligenz 01/01
  • 2001

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