An Archaeology of the English Atlantic World, 1600 – 1700

  title={An Archaeology of the English Atlantic World, 1600 – 1700},
  author={Jr. Charles E. Orser},
Archaeological Research and the British in Latin America
Historical archaeologists have made tremendous strides in understanding and interpreting European colonialism in the Americas. Much of the analysis has centered on eastern North America and moreExpand
J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology: Charles E. Orser, Jr.
Charles E. Orser, Jr., received the Society for Historical Archaeology’s (SHA) 2019 J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeology at the 52nd Annual Conference on Historical and UnderwaterExpand
Orser, Jr., Charles E.


Late Man in North America: Archaeology of European Americans
  • J. Deetz
  • History
  • Historical Archaeology: A Guide to Substantive and Theoretical Contributions
  • 2019
English and Irish Settlement on the River Amazon 1550-1646
Contents: Preface Introduction Introductions and Texts: Earliest English explorations of the Amazon, 1553a "1608 The first English and Irish settlements on the Amazon, 1611a "20 The formation andExpand
The Fur Trade in Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Economic History
At the time of its publication in 1930, The Fur Trade in Canada challenged and inspired scholars, historians, and economists. Now, almost seventy years later, Harold Innis's fundamentalExpand
The archaeology of counter-witchcraft and popular magic
One aspect of the study of witchcraft and magic, which has not yet been absorbed into the main stream of literature on the subject, is the archaeological record of the subject. Objects such asExpand
The Stuart Age: England, 1603–1714
PART ONE: EARLY STUART ENGLAND, 1603-1640 1: The economy of early Stuart England 2: Society in early Stuart England 3: The Elizabethan constitution PART TWO: THE REIGNS OF THE EARLY STUARTS,Expand
Commodity Chains in the World-Economy Prior to 1800
During the course of the last ten years the political economy of the world-system has emerged as a major field of inquiry within social science in general and within sociology in particular. At theExpand
Custom and law: The status of enslaved Africans in seventeenth-century Barbados
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