An Arabidopsis cytochrome b561 with trans-membrane ferrireductase capability.

  title={An Arabidopsis cytochrome b561 with trans-membrane ferrireductase capability.},
  author={Alajos B{\'e}rczi and Dan Su and Han Asard},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={581 7},
Ascorbate-reducible cytochromes b561 (Cyts-b561) are a class of intrinsic trans-membrane proteins. Tonoplast Cyt-b561 (TCytb), one of the four Cyt-b561 isoforms in Arabidopsis was localized to the tonoplast. We demonstrate here that the optical spectra, EPR spectra and redox potentials of recombinant TCytb are similar to those of the well characterized bovine chromaffin granule Cyt-b561. We provide evidence for the reduction of ferric-chelates by the reduced TCytb. It is also shown that TCytb… CONTINUE READING
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