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An Arab-Muslim Scientific Heritage : Islamic Medicine

  title={An Arab-Muslim Scientific Heritage : Islamic Medicine},
  author={{\textcopyright}Dr. Labeeb and Ahmed Bsoul and Chokri Abdallah and Ahoud al-Marzouqi and Nahla Adel Rizq and Fatima Mohamed and Ghada Alhussein and Ammar Al-Sheghri and Mohammad Humood and Sarah Strohkorbwith},
In the history of medicine, “Islamic” or “Arabic” medicine refers to the medicine that evolved and then flourished during the “golden age” of Islam, a time when Arabic was the lingua franca of scholarship and scientific knowledge. During these centuries, Islamic medicine gained and maintained its solid reputation as a result of the interaction that took place between traditional Arab medicine and external influences. The first translations of earlier medical texts represent a key factor in the…