An Approximate Net Profit Model for a Fixed-Life Perishable Product in a Two-Echelon Inventory System


s-This paper further extends the existing cost model for a fixed-life perishable product in a two-echelon inventory problem into the net profit model. The extended model is subsequently evaluated by comparing its results with those obtained from OptQuest, a commercial simulation-optimization package. Within a limited but reasonable time, the comparative results do not show a significant improvement of using OptQuest, but do confirm that the proposed model can already provide quite good quality of inventory control parameters for this system in a much shorter computational time. With some simple modifications to the proposed model, the model for slow-moving Poisson demand distribution for the two-echelon system is also developed and subsequently evaluated. The comparative results show that for the slow-moving demand, the Poisson model is more effective than the model with normality assumption.

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