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An Approach to the Lingua Franca of the Mediterranean

  title={An Approach to the Lingua Franca of the Mediterranean},
  author={Eva Mart{\'i}nez D{\'i}az},
There are certain languages that have been created as a result of the difficulty of communication between people who speak distinct languages but have common interests. Faced with this linguistic situation, the speakers are capable of creating a specific language for these contexts in which there is a community of interests; this common communication system is known as the lingua franca. The aim of these pages is to analyse the lingua franca created on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea from… Expand
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Die Lingua franca.
Ich habe mich zu Anfang der achtziger Jahre lebhaft nach der Lingua franca umgetan; ein Jahrzehnt später flackerte dieses Interesse noch einmal in mir empor; seither aber — was für das Folgende ichExpand
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