An Approach to Iris Contact Lens Detection Based on Deep Image Representations

  title={An Approach to Iris Contact Lens Detection Based on Deep Image Representations},
  author={Pedro Silva and Eduardo Jos{\'e} da S. Luz and Rafael Baeta and H{\'e}lio Pedrini and Alexandre X. Falc{\~a}o and David Menotti},
  journal={2015 28th SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images},
Spoofing detection is a challenging task in biometric systems, when differentiating illegitimate users from genuine ones. Although iris scans are far more inclusive than fingerprints, and also more precise for person authentication, iris recognition systems are vulnerable to spoofing via textured cosmetic contact lenses. Iris spoofing detection is also referred to as liveness detection (binary classification of fake and real images). In this work, we focus on a three-class detection problem… CONTINUE READING
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