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An Approach to Decision Support in Heart Failure

  title={An Approach to Decision Support in Heart Failure},
  author={Sara Colantonio and Massimo Martinelli and Davide Moroni and Ovidio Salvetti and Francesco Perticone and Angela Sciacqua and Domenico Conforti and Antonio Gualtieri},
Chronic heart failure is a severe clinical syndrome among the most remarkable for prevalence and morbidity in the developed western countries. The European STREP project HEARTFAID aims at realizing an innovative platform of services which will improve the processes of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy provision in the heart failure domain. The core of the platform intelligence is a Clinical Decision Support System, designed by integrating innovative knowledge representation techniques and hybrid… 

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The core of the platform intelligence is represented by a Knowledge based Clinical Decision Support System, aimed at making more effective and efficient all the processes related to chronic heart failure patients' management.
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Semantic web technologies are being used as the most advanced tools for formalizing, re-using and sharing medical knowledge, and reasoning on it; while a service oriented approach is being adopted for the integration and easy access to a number of users’ applications.
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A heart failure treatment adviser system which automates the reasoning process required to comply with the heart failure management guideline and is able to correctly compute guideline- compliant treatment recommendations for a given patient.
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SybillaTUC is developed, a prototype Clinical Decision Support System, able to predict the evolution of the disease for each patient, alerting the clinician on the possibility of a crucial incident suggesting optimal treatment.
Using OWL Ontologies for Clinical Guidelines Based Comorbid Decision Support
The COMET (Co-morbidity Ontological Modeling & ExecuTion) system is presented that provides decision support to handle co morbid chronic heart failure and a trial fibrillation and is web-accessible and is designed for family practitioners.
Ontology-Based Knowledge Modeling to Provide Decision Support for Comorbid Diseases
This paper presents the COMET system that provides decision support to handle comorbid cardiac heart failure and atrial fibrillation and presents the knowledge management approach by aligning multiple CP to develop a unified CP knowledge model forComorbid diseases.
An ontology based decision-support framework for handling co-morbidities by the alignment of ontologically modeled clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and an elaborate OWL CP ontology was developed that can be executed to support the diagnosis and management of co-Morbid CHF and AF in a general practice setting.
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SybillaTUC is developed, a prototype Clinical Decision Support System which combines the clinical guidelines for Bipolar Disorder with a patient's condition and his medical record, and is able to predict the evolution of the disease for each patient.
Study on a HDSS-based PEI model for chronic disease management
The present study proposes a Healthcare Decision Support System-based PEI model in which personalized, rule-evolution, and intelligent concepts are mounted and provides personalized monitoring and guidelines through the Dynamic Healthgraphics service using Infographics, which is a data visualization technique to view the examination results and health status of patients at a glance.


Using scenarios in chronic disease management guidelines for primary care
A novel model for encoding clinical guidelines for managing patients with chronic diseases such as asthma and hypertension is developed and integrated in up to 200 live systems from at least four system vendors in English General practice.
The Task Force for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic heart failure of the European Society of Cardiology. Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic heart failure: full text (update 2005).
  • H. Krum
  • Medicine
    European heart journal
  • 2005
Changes to the ESC Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic heart failure and of Figure 4 are suggested and the role of the figure is clarified.
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A Semantic Web framework is presented to both model and execute the knowledge within a CPG to develop knowledge-centric CDSS to execute the CPG for Follow-up after Treatment for Breast Cancer.
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  • Medicine
    Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA
  • 2001
Although the promise of clinical decision support system-facilitated evidence-based medicine is strong, substantial work remains to be done to realize the potential benefits.
Ontologies for knowledge representation in a computer-based patient record
  • E. Bayegan, Ø. Nytrø, A. Grimsmo
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    14th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, 2002. (ICTAI 2002). Proceedings.
  • 2002
This work presents an ontology that supports three prerequisite features for a future helpful patient-record system: a family-care workflow process, a problem-oriented patient record, and means to identify relevant information to the care process and medical problems.
Clinical Decision Support: The Road Ahead
Clinical decision support is described as a universal commodity not a proprietary resource and attempts to establish consortia to overcome barriers are made.
A Guideline Management System
The architecture of NewGuide, a guide-line management system for handling the whole life cycle of a computerized clinical practice guideline, is described and the system functionality will be illustrated in three different contexts: homecare-based pressure ulcer prevention, acute ischemic stroke treatment and heart failure management by general practitioners.
GLIF3: a representation format for sharable computer-interpretable clinical practice guidelines
Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic heart failure: executive summary (update 2005): The Task Force for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure of the European Society of Cardiology.
Recent surveys of Guidelines and Expert Consensus Documents published in peer-reviewed journals between 1985 and 1998 have shown that methodological standards were not complied with in the vast majority of cases.
Ontology-based Knowledge Representation for Bioinformatics
The paper will describe the process of building an ontology, introducing the reader to the techniques and methods currently in use and the open research questions in ontology development.