An Approach for a Knowledge-based NC Programming System


Nowadays, significant deficiencies exist in the information flow and access along the NC (Numerical Control) process chain. These deficiencies are solved insufficiently by introducing CAD/CAM systems and feature-oriented specification languages. In contrast the application of new production and new machining systems requires an intensive information exchange. The introduced approach enables the preparation for feature-based work plans with methods known from the graph theory as a knowledge-based NC programming system. Therefore the work plan will be mapped into a directed graph in a mathematically defined way. Based on that, it is possible to use algorithms to find the shortest path and a Hamiltonian path inside this directed graph under given requirements. Thus, the work plan will be structured and re-ordered. Finally the corresponding NC paths will be generated and distributed to the machinery. Thence in this inprocess paper the requirements, the investigation and the selection of suitable knowledge structuring concepts, mathematically basics and the work flow in such a system will be pointed out. Finally a preliminary prototype will be introduced.

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