An Approach for Secure Distributed Deduplication System

  title={An Approach for Secure Distributed Deduplication System},
  author={Anita A. Kundgir and S. S. Hatkar},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
In this paper we introduce a deduplication system with improved reliability. As we all know the cloud computing performs a number of operations on data. All commercial cloud service providers know that the users demand for huge amount of storage space because number of online operations. Deduplication is good thing to implement but it will not work on encrypted data because of conflict in encryption. As we know convergent encryption, where key is derived from the hash of data which is recovered… Expand


Secure Deduplication with Efficient and Reliable Convergent Key Management
This paper proposes Dekey, a new construction in which users do not need to manage any keys on their own but instead securely distribute the convergent key shares across multiple servers and demonstrates that Dekey incurs limited overhead in realistic environments. Expand
DupLESS: Server-Aided Encryption for Deduplicated Storage
It is shown that encryption for deduplicated storage can achieve performance and space savings close to that of using the storage service with plaintext data. Expand
A Survey on Deduplication Scheme in Cloud Storage
Due to less maintenance enterprises and organizations outsource data storage to third-party cloud providers. Due to increase in data volume there is a need of data management in cloud storages.Expand
A Secure Data Deduplication Scheme for Cloud Storage
This work designs an encryption scheme that guarantees semantic security for unpopular data and provides weaker security and better storage and bandwidth benefits for popular data, and shows that the scheme is secure under the Symmetric External Decisional Diffie-Hellman Assumption in the random oracle model. Expand
Message-Locked Encryption and Secure Deduplication
The work shows that MLE is a primitive of both practical and theoretical interest, and makes connections with deterministic encryption, hash functions secure on correlated inputs and the sample-then-extract paradigm to deliver schemes under different assumptions and for different classes of message sources. Expand
Proofs of ownership in remote storage systems
This work identifies attacks that exploit client-side deduplication, allowing an attacker to gain access to arbitrary-size files of other users based on a very small hash signatures of these files, and introduces the notion of proofs-of-ownership (PoWs), which lets a client efficiently prove to a server that that the client holds a file, rather than just some short information about it. Expand
A Survey on Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage Environment
With the increasing use of cloud storage platform for storage and processing, there is a growing demand of some mechanism or methodology which will provide the facility of eliminating redundant dataExpand
An Efficient and Secure Dynamic Auditing Protocol for Data Storage in Cloud Computing
  • Kan Yang, X. Jia
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • 2013
This paper designs an auditing framework for cloud storage systems and proposes an efficient and privacy-preserving auditing protocol, which is efficient and provably secure in the random oracle model and extends the protocol to support the data dynamic operations. Expand
Reclaiming space from duplicate files in a serverless distributed file system
This work presents a mechanism to reclaim space from this incidental duplication to make it available for controlled file replication, and includes convergent encryption, which enables duplicate files to be coalesced into the space of a single file, even if the files are encrypted with different users' keys. Expand
Multiple ramp schemes
In this correspondence, a tight lower bound is proved on the size of the shares held by each participant and on the dealer's randomness in multiple ramp schemes. Expand