An Application of Focus Theory to Project Management Processes

  title={An Application of Focus Theory to Project Management Processes},
  author={F. Chen and J. Nunamaker and R. Briggs and G. Corbitt and James Sager and S. C. Gardiner},
  journal={Group Decision and Negotiation},
This article presents the findings of an exploratory study of the degree to which Focus Theory, a general theory about group productivity, can be used to improve the productivity of project management activities. Guided by the theory and the principles of collaboration engineering, we developed a collaborative template for project progress status reporting. We evaluated the template in both face-to-face and distributed group interactions. The study indicated that a collaborative template helped… Expand
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  • Hai Eric Lam, P. Maheshwari
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  • 25th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference. COMPSAC 2001
  • 2001
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