An Antiaphrodisiac in Heliconius melpomene Butterflies

  title={An Antiaphrodisiac in Heliconius melpomene Butterflies},
  author={S. Schulz and C. Estrada and Selma Yildizhan and M. Boppr{\'e} and L. Gilbert},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Ecology},
  • S. Schulz, C. Estrada, +2 authors L. Gilbert
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Chemical Ecology
  • Gilbert (1976) suggested that male-contributed odors of mated females of Heliconius erato could enforce monogamy. We investigated the pheromone system of a relative, Heliconius melpomene, using chemical analysis, behavioral experiments, and feeding experiments with labeled biosynthetic pheromone precursors. The abdominal scent glands of males contained a complex odor bouquet, consisting of the volatile compound (E)-β-ocimene together with some trace components and a less volatile matrix made up… CONTINUE READING
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