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An Anti-Union Tide: The 2011 Attacks on Public-Employees' Bargaining Rights

  title={An Anti-Union Tide: The 2011 Attacks on Public-Employees' Bargaining Rights},
  author={Gregory M. Saltzman},
Saltzman’s publications on labor and employment law have appeared in Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Transportation Journal, a National Bureau of Economic Research conference volume, and several previous editions of The NEA Almanac of Higher Education. He is first author of Truck Driver Occupational Safety and Health, published by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in 2007. Saltzman was second author of an October 2011 article in Neurology, “The Cost-Effectiveness… 

When Government Subsidizes Its Own: Collective Bargaining Laws as Agents of Political Mobilization

Government policies can activate a political constituency not only by providing material resources to, or altering the interpretive experiences of, individual citizens, but also by directly



Labor's war at home : the CIO in World War II

List of Abbreviations Introduction to the New Edition Preface 1. Introduction 2. The Unfinished Struggle 3. CIO Politics on the Eve of War 4. "Responsible Unionism" 5. Union Security and the Little

Getting it Right: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications from Research on Public-Sector Unionism and Collective Bargaining

The United States is in the throes of a public-policy debate about public-sector unionism and collective bargaining. The ostensible trigger of this debate is the fiscal crises that state and local

Bargaining Laws as a Cause and Consequence of the Growth of Teacher Unionism

This study analyzes state-level data for 1959–78 to determine whether the rapid growth of teacher unionism during those years was primarily a result or a cause of the public sector bargaining laws

Organizing to Organize: The Case of a Successful Long-Haul Campaign for Collective Bargaining Rights.

After nearly four decades of campaigning, faculty and academic staff union members across the University of Wisconsin system won the right to bargain collectively in June 2009 when the governor

Union Decertification

A PROVISION to permit the decertification of a union was one of the innovations enacted into federal labor law by the Taft-Hartley Act. No such statutory right was accorded workers by the Wagner Act,

In Defense of Public-Sector Unions

The United States is currently in a heated debate over the extent to which public-sector workers should be permitted to band together for mutual aid or protection, to form, join or assist unions, and

The Ohio Legislative Service Commission

The bill expands the current definition of “peace officer” used in R.C. Chapter 2935 to include a hospital police officer. Under current law, certain criminal offenses carry a penalty enhancement if


The Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Award is presented to a nominee who emulates Dr. King in leadership and philosophy in the quest for improved human relations and civil rights.

The Real Issues: A Wisconsin Update

The Real Issues: A Wisconsin Update by George Lakoff The Wisconsin protests are about much more than budgets and unions. As I observed in What Conservatives Really Want, the conservative story about