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An Anatomical Insight into the Biomechanics of Cobra Posture

  title={An Anatomical Insight into the Biomechanics of Cobra Posture},
  author={Mrithunjay Rathore and Sinha Mb and Soumitra Trivedi and Si-yan Au},
The science of yoga deals with various yogic postures and their beneficial effects on the practicing subjects. This review has tried to highlight the benefits of one of the favorites of the yoga practitioners,the Cobra Posture (CP). The pragmatic utility of the CP can be enhanced by incorporating the correct and justifiable anatomical insight into the joints and muscles involved. An accurate practice of the CP shall be tremendously helpful in relieving the stress and strain which the neck and… 
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Electromyographical analysis of the effect of yoga posture on the trunk muscle activities and its significance: a pilot study

There was significant difference in muscle strength during cobra pose as compared to boat pose; therefore the Cobra pose is effective for strengthening Erector spinae muscle and this pose can be incorporated in yoga training module for addressing low back pain (LBP).



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