An Analytical Framework of Fast Handover for Hierarchical MIPv6


In wireless networks, users freely change their service points while they are connected. Mobility management in this environment is an essential technology for keeping track of the users' current location and for delivering data correctly. Then, the challenge is the design of an efficient IP-based mobility management scheme. Mobility management with provision of seamless handover is a key topic in Next-Generation Wireless Networks. Then, it is crucial to provide seamless mobility and service continuity in intelligent and efficient ways. This paper presents an analytical framework of fast handover for hierarchical MIPv6. In this paper, the impact of several wireless system factors, such as user velocity, user density, mobility domain size, and sessionto-mobility ratio are investigated on the network performance and the costs. Keywords– Handover, Hierarchical MIPv6 (HMIPv6), Next-Generation Wireless Networks (NGWN), Session-toMobility ratio (SMR).

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