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An Analysis of (h,k,l) -shellsort By

  title={An Analysis of (h,k,l) -shellsort By},
  author={Andrew Chi-Chih Yao},
  • A. Yao
  • Published 1998
  • Mathematics
One classical sorting algorithm, whose performance in many cases remains unanalyzed, is Shellsort. Let ?i be a t-component vector of positive integers. An z-Shellsort will sort any given n elements in t passes, by means of comparisons and exchanges of elements. Let S;(c;n) denote the average number of element exchanges in the j-th J pass, assuming that all the n! initial orderings are equally likely. In this paper we derive asymptotic formulas of Sj(<;n) for any fixed h' = (h,k,l) , making use… 

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