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An American Epidemic: Burnout Syndrome in Hospital Nurses

  title={An American Epidemic: Burnout Syndrome in Hospital Nurses},
  author={David P. Paul and Lama Bakhamis and Harlan M. Smith and Alberto Coustasse},


Burnout among Health Professionals and Its Effect on Patient Safety
  • Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality
  • 2016
The Influence of Work-Related Fatigue, Work Conditions, and Personal Characteristics on Intent to Leave Among New Nurses.
Work-related fatigue was a major determinant of new nurses' intent to leave, and more attention should be paid to fatigue reduction strategies among new nurses. Expand
The Relationship of Burnout, Work Environment, and Knowledge to Self-Reported Performance of Physical Assessment by Registered Nurses
  • MEDSURG Nursing,
  • 2016
The effect of prior healthcare employment on the wages of registered nurses
Prior health-related employment was associated with higher wages, with the strongest wage differences among BSN-educated RNs, and may motivate non-RN healthcare workers to seek a BSN in their transition to RN jobs. Expand
Burnout and its Associated Factors in Medical Students of Lahore, Pakistan
According to the multiple regression analysis, burnout in medical students was significantly associated with age, gender, doctor parents, no help or no supportive resources (e.g., from colleagues), lack of time off, lack of belief in what you do, fear of big consequences of failure, family responsibilities, and uncertain future. Expand
Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS) among Italian Nurses: How Many Factors Must a Researcher Consider?
Different models for the number of items and factors of the MBI-HSS, the version of the Inventory for the Human Service sector, were tested in order to identify the most appropriate model for measuring burnout in Italy. Expand
Factors associated with healthcare professionals' intent to stay in hospital: a comparison across five occupational categories.
Responses' intent to stay in a position depended both on global and profession-specific factors, and the identification of these factors may help in mapping interventions and retention plans at both a hospital level and professional groups' level. Expand
Graduate Registered Nurse Transition to Practice
The Rosswurm and Larrabee Model for Evidence-Based Practice Change was chosen as an appropriate framework for this project, which sought to validate that structured nursing residencies may help mitigate first-year turnover in a program that had been established at ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital. Expand
Occupational stress among staff nurses: Controlling the risk to health
The main nurses’ occupational stressors were poor doctor's attitude, posting in busy departments (emergency/ICU), inadequate pay, too much work, and so on, which should be initiated to reduce the amount of occupational stress. Expand