An Alpha-globulin Allotype in the Mouse (MuB1)

  title={An Alpha-globulin Allotype in the Mouse (MuB1)},
  author={Bernhard Cinader and S. Dubiski},
POLYMORPHISM, detected by antibody from individuals of the same species (allotypy), has so far been observed only in the γ- (ref. 1) and β-globulins (ref. 2). In man, a class of α-globulin Gc1 and Gc2 is subject to genetic variations and has been revealed by antibodies of heterologous origin3. Polymorphism of other α-globulins, the haptoglobins in several mammalian1 species and recently the trypsin inhibitors in man4,5 have been detected by other means. So far, the polymorphism of serum… CONTINUE READING

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