An Algorithm for Solving Second Order Linear Homogeneous Differential Equations

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Algorithms for Solving Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
The new domain of linear ordinary differential operators is presented and how it works in a few examples and in a very informal way the algebraic point of view dealing with ordinary differential equations is introduced.
A Polynomial Algorithm for Finding Rational General Solutions of First Order Autonomous Ordinary Differential Equations
: In this paper we give a necessary and sufficient condition for an algebraic ODE to have a rational type general solution. For first order autono9mous ODE F=0, we give an exact degree bound for its
Algorithms for Solving Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
This thesis introduces two new algorithms to find hypergeometric solutions of second order regular singular differential operators with rational function or polynomial coefficients. Algorithm 3.2.1
Rational general solutions of algebraic ordinary differential equations
An algorithm to compute a rational general solution if it exists is given based on the relation between rational solutions of the first order ODE and rational parametrizations of the plane algebraic curve defined by thefirst order ODR and Padé approximants.
Algebraic general solutions of algebraic ordinary differential equations
For a first order autonomous ODE, the optimal bound for the degree of its algebraic general solutions is given and a polynomial-time algorithm to compute an algebraicgeneral solution if it exists is given.
How to solve linear differential equations: An outline
  • F. Ulmer
  • Mathematics
    Programming and Computer Software
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This paper gives an overview of how the differential Galois theory leads to algorithms to find the Liouvillian solutions, and outlines the general ideas and results.
Solving Orthogonal Matrix Differential Systems in Mathematica
A component of a new environment for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations in Mathematica is outlined. We briefly describe how special purpose integration methods can be
Integration and Differential Equations in Computer Algebra
We describe in this paper how the problems of computing indeenite integrals and solving linear ordinary diierential equations in closed form are now solved by computer algebra systems. After a brief
An algebraic method for quasi-linear first-order ODEs
In this paper, we consider the class of quasi-linear first-order ODEs of the form y ′ = P(x; y), where P is a polynomial in y with coefficients in ℂ(x ), and study their algebraic solutions. Our


An implementation of Kovacic's algorithm for solving second order linear homogeneous differential equations
A version of Kovacic's algorithm for the closed form solution of differential equations of the form ay" + by' + cy &equil; 0, where a, b, and c are rational functions with complex coefficients of the independent variable x is described.
Solving homogeneous linear differential equations in terms of second order linear differential equations
Soit F un corps differentiel de caracteristique zero et soit L(y)=0 une equation differentielle lineaire homogene d'ordre n a coefficients dans F. On developpe des conditions necessaires et
Liouvillian Solutions of n-th Order Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations
be a linear differential operator with coefficients in F, a finite algebraic extension of Q(x). We shall show that one can find, in a finite number of steps, a basis for the vector space of
A Tutorial Introduction to Maple
MACSYMA from F to G
A discussion and implementation of Kovacie's algorithm for ordinary differential equations
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An introduction to differential algebra
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A tLrtorial introduction to MAPLE
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An algorithm for solving second order linear homogeneous differential equations
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