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An Algorithm for Reconstructing the Orphan Stream Progenitor with MilkyWay@home Volunteer Computing

  title={An Algorithm for Reconstructing the Orphan Stream Progenitor with MilkyWay@home Volunteer Computing},
  author={Siddhartha Shelton and Heidi Jo Newberg and Jake Weiss and Jacob S. Bauer and Matthew Arsenault and Lawrence M. Widrow and Clayton Rayment and Roland Judd and Travis Desell and Malik Magdon-Ismail and Matthew Newby and Colin L. Rice and Boleslaw K. Szymanski and Jeffery M. Thompson and Carlos A. Varela and Benjamin A. Willett and S. Ye. Ulin and Lee Aaron Newberg},
We have developed a method for estimating the properties of the progenitor dwarf galaxy from the tidal stream of stars that were ripped from it as it fell into the Milky Way. In particular, we show that the mass and radial profile of a progenitor dwarf galaxy evolved along the orbit of the Orphan Stream, including the stellar and dark matter components, can be reconstructed from the distribution of stars in the tidal stream it produced. We use MilkyWay@home, a PetaFLOPS-scale distributed… 
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