An Algorithm for Reconstructing Special Lattice Sets from Their Approximate X-Rays

  title={An Algorithm for Reconstructing Special Lattice Sets from Their Approximate X-Rays},
  author={Sara Brunetti and Alain Daurat and Alberto Del Lungo},
We study the problem of reconstructing finite subsets of the integer lattice Z2 from their approximate X-rays in a finite number of prescribed lattice directions. We provide a polynomial-time algorithm for reconstructing Q-convex sets from their "approximate" X-rays. A Qconvex set is a special subset of Z2 having some convexity properties. This algorithm can be used for reconstructing convex subsets of Z2 from their exact X-rays in some sets of four prescribed lattice directions, or in any set… 
A Measure of Q-Convexity
Two measures of convexity for binary images are defined based on the geometrical properties of "Q-convex shape" which have the following features: their values range from 0 to 1; their efficient computation can be easily implemented.
Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
With such tools, the presented methods achieve multigrid convergent estimators of volume, moments and area in Z, of normals, curvature and curvature tensor in Z and Z, and of covariance measure and normals in Z even with Hausdorff noise.
Une breve biographie scientifique de Maurice Nivat
  • P. Curien
  • Computer Science
    Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 2002


Discrete Tomography: Determination of Finite Sets by X-Rays
It is proved that there are four prescribed lattice directions such that convex subsets of En (i.e., finite subsets F with F = En n conv F) are determined, among all such sets, by their X-rays in these directions.
Reconstructing Convex Polyominoes from Horizontal and Vertical Projections
Medians of Discrete Sets according to a Linear Distance
It is shown that the 4-connected sets which are convex along the diagonal directions contain their median points along these directions and that the discrete sets having some connectivity properties have at most four median points according to a linear distance.
Reconstructing hv-Convex Polyominoes from Orthogonal Projections
The Medians of Discrete Sets
Discrete Tomography: A Historical Overview
This chapter gives the details of the classical special case (namely, two-dimensional discrete sets — i.e.,binary matrices — and two orthogonal projections) including a polynomial time reconstruction algorithm.
Discrete tomography : foundations, algorithms, and applications
Preface Contributors Part I. Foundations Discrete Tomography: A Historical Overview \ Attila Kuba, Gabor T. Herman Sets of Uniqueness and Additivity in Integer Lattices \ Peter C. Fishburn, Lawrence
Combinatorial theorems and integral matrices