An African-Centered Perspective on White Supremacy

  title={An African-Centered Perspective on White Supremacy},
  author={Mark Christian},
  journal={Journal of Black Studies},
  pages={179 - 198}
  • M. Christian
  • Published 1 November 2002
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Black Studies
This article engages the idea of White supremacy and its ideological com- panion, racism, from the standpoint of critical analysis. What this article seeks to do is to reveal the nature of White supremacy as it has operated in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Using an African-centered paradigm, the article demonstrates that the existence of White supremacy marginalizes African people within both societies. Only by utilizing an agency analysis where Africans see themselves as… Expand
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Racialised relations in Liverpool
  • A contemporary anomaly.NewCommunity,
  • 1991