An Affinity Propagation-Based DNA Motif Discovery Algorithm

  title={An Affinity Propagation-Based DNA Motif Discovery Algorithm},
  author={Chunxiao Sun and Hongwei Huo and Qiang Yu and Haitao Guo and Zhigang Sun},
  booktitle={BioMed research international},
The planted (l, d) motif search (PMS) is one of the fundamental problems in bioinformatics, which plays an important role in locating transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) in DNA sequences. Nowadays, identifying weak motifs and reducing the effect of local optimum are still important but challenging tasks for motif discovery. To solve the tasks, we propose a new algorithm, APMotif, which first applies the Affinity Propagation (AP) clustering in DNA sequences to produce informative and good… CONTINUE READING