An Advert Creation System for 3D Product Placements

  title={An Advert Creation System for 3D Product Placements},
  author={Ivan Bacher and Hossein Javidnia and Soumyabrata Dev and Rahul Agrahari and Murhaf Hossari and Matthew Nicholson and Clare Conran and Jian Tang and Peng Song and David Corrigan and Franccois Piti'e},
Over the past decade, the evolution of video-sharing platforms has attracted a significant amount of investments on contextual advertising. The common contextual advertising platforms utilize the information provided by users to integrate 2D visual ads into videos. The existing platforms face many technical challenges such as ad integration with respect to occluding objects and 3D ad placement. This paper presents a Video Advertisement Placement & Integration (Adverts) framework, which is… Expand
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