An Advanced Compiler Framework for Non-Cache-Coherent Multiprocessors

  title={An Advanced Compiler Framework for Non-Cache-Coherent Multiprocessors},
  author={Yunheung Paek and Angeles G. Navarro and Emilio L. Zapata and Jay Hoeflinger and David A. Padua},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst.},
ÐThe Cray T3D and T3E are non-cache-coherent (NCC) computers with a NUMA structure. They have been shown to exhibit a very stable and scalable performance for a variety of application programs. Considerable evidence suggests that they are more stable and scalable than many other shared-memory multiprocessors. However, the principal drawback of these machines is a lack of programmability, caused by the absence of the global cache coherence that is necessary to provide a convenient shared view of… CONTINUE READING
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