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An Adaptive Population Importance Sampler: Learning from the Uncertanity

  title={An Adaptive Population Importance Sampler: Learning from the Uncertanity},
  author={L. Martino and V. Elvira and D. Luengo and J. Corander},
  • L. Martino, V. Elvira, +1 author J. Corander
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • viXra
  • Monte Carlo (MC) methods are well-known computational techniques, widely used in different fields such as signal processing, communications and machine learning. An important class of MC methods is composed of importance sampling (IS) and its adaptive extensions, such as population Monte Carlo (PMC) and adaptive multiple IS (AMIS). In this work, we introduce a novel adaptive and iterated importance sampler using a population of proposal densities. The proposed algorithm, named adaptive… CONTINUE READING
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