An Adaptive Fuzzy based FEC Algorithm for Robust Video Transmission over Wireless Networks

  title={An Adaptive Fuzzy based FEC Algorithm for Robust Video Transmission over Wireless Networks},
  author={Ghaida A. Al-Suhail and Salah S. Al-Majeed and Sarah H. Subber and Akbar Sheikh-Akbari},
  journal={International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems},
Forward Error Correction (FEC) is a commonly adopted mechanism to mitigate packet loss/bit error during real-time communication. An adaptive, Fuzzy based FEC algorithm to provide a robust video quality metric for multimedia transmission over wireless networks has been proposed to optimize the redundancy of the generated code words from a Reed-Solomon encoder and to save the bandwidth of the network channel. The scheme is based on probability estimations derived from the data loss rates related… 

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Neural Network-based Video Quality via Adaptive FEC in Wireless Environment

This proposal strives to address QoS of video streaming for the cellular clients in Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) through adaptive FEC based on ANN, and shows that a video quality can be adaptable to the tuned optimal FEC codes from ANN via the packet loss probability of the wireless feedback environment.

Enhancing Packet-level Forward Error Correction for Streaming Video in Wireless Networks

  • C. Shih
  • Business, Computer Science
  • 2012
The experimental results show that compared to the existing optimal packet-level FEC schemes in which the packet size is fixed, the proposed FEC-PSC scheme achieves a higher FEC efficiency (i.e. a better video quality with a lower bandwidth overhead).

Adaptive Forward Error Correction Combined with Packet Size Control for Wireless Video

  • C. Shih
  • Business, Computer Science
    2010 Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing
  • 2010
An adaptive FEC scheme combined with packet size control is developed to simultaneously adjust the transport packet size and the degree of FEC redundancy based on the least bandwidth consumption strategy.


A frame-level FEC is added across packets at the application layer to define two analytical packet loss models and numerical results point out that the EGM-FEC model introduces a robust measure in estimating the perceived video quality in particular at higher packet loss rate and lower effect of packet correlation.

An Analysis of Various Parameters in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Adaptive FEC Technique

The algorithm reduces the retransmission traffic by using Adaptive FEC technique thus improving the throughput and reduces the error rate, and the main aim is to achieve desire throughput with less energy consumption.

Ensuring QoE in wireless networks with adaptive FEC and Fuzzy Logic-based mechanisms

This paper proposes an adaptive Video-aware FEC and Fuzzy Logic-based mechanism to shield realtime video transmissions against packet loss in wireless networks, improving both user experience and the usage of resources.

Modeling of adaptive wireless link for MPEG-4 video transport in UMTS network

  • G. Al-SuhailR. Kennedy
  • Business, Computer Science
    2009 3rd International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems
  • 2009
An analytical adaptive model for wireless link svia heuristic TCP/FEC functions is proposed with chosen modulation format for transporting mobile MPEG-4 video and simulation results show that a video quality can dynamically adapt to the optimal FEC codes at an appropriate selection for modulation scaling in the radio-link layer.

Network embedded FEC (NEF) performance over multi-hop wireless channels with memory

  • Mingquan WuH. Radha
  • Computer Science, Business
    IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2005. ICC 2005. 2005
  • 2005
A new (and a rather simple and elegant) method for evaluating any desired loss/recovery probability measure for the Gilbert channel model is presented and the impact of the loss burst length on the performance of NEF and end-to-end FEC over multi-hop wireless channels are analyzed and presented.

Rate control for streaming video over wireless

This work proposes multiple TFRC connections as an end-to-end rate control solution for wireless video streaming and shows that this approach not only avoids modifications to the network infrastructure or network protocol, but also results in full utilization of the wireless channel.

A model for MPEG with forward error correction and TCP-friendly bandwidth

An analytical model is derived for predicting the playable frame rate in a TCP-Friendly MPEG stream with FEC that characterizes the Group Of Pictures (GOP) and Forward Error Correction (FEC) that are part of the MPEG video transmission.