An Account of a Singular Case of Ischuria, in a Young Woman, Which Continued for More Than Three Years; during Which Time, If Her Urine Was Not Drawn off with the Catheter, She Frequently Voided It by Vomiting; and, for the Last Twenty Months, Passed Much Gravel by the Catheter, as Well as by Vomiting, When the Use of That Instrument Was Omitted, or Unsuccessfully Applied. To Which Are Added Some Remarks and Physiological Observations


XIII. An Account of a fingular Cafe of Ifchuria, in a young Woman, which continued for more than three Tears; during which Time, if her Urine zvas not drawn off with the Catheter, Jhe frequently voided it by vomiting ; and, for the laft twenty Months, paffed much Gravel by the Catheter, as well as by vomiting, when the Ufe of that Injirument was omitted, or… (More)