Análisis y perfiles del consumo de drogas en adolescentes: percepción del apoyo familiar y valoración de consecuencias

  title={An{\'a}lisis y perfiles del consumo de drogas en adolescentes: percepci{\'o}n del apoyo familiar y valoraci{\'o}n de consecuencias},
  author={Mar{\'i}a del Mar Molero Jurado and M. C. Fuentes and J. J. G. Linares and Ana Bel{\'e}n Barrag{\'a}n Mart{\'i}n},
  journal={Atenci{\'o}n Familiar},
Objective: to analyze different patterns (regular or occasional) of drug use in adolescents and identify profiles of their consumption; verify the relationships established with respect to variables associated with decision-making of consumption (family support and evaluation of consequences). Methods: the sample was composed by 822 junior high school students from 13 to 18 years. The questionnaire was made ad hoc to know the socio-demographic and consumption data, and to evaluate the perceived… Expand
Social support and parental perception in smoking and non-smoking adolescents
Objective: to evaluate the association between functional social support and perception of one’s relationship with one’s parents in smoking and non-smoking adolescents. Method s: AnalyticalExpand
Consumption of Substances in Nightlife Settings: A Qualitative Approach in Young Andalusians (Spain)
The results show information relating to gender, age of initiation, most commonly consumed substances, motivation and effects, peer group pressure and how they obtained the substances, and the perceptions held and main activities carried out in the educational institutions and health centers are shown. Expand
Factors in the Transition from Legal to Illicit Drug Use in Young Adults from Northern Mexico
It was shown that greater personality traits of neuroticism, extraversion, and openness to the experience meant higher probability of drug use transition; while greater personality trait of agreeableness and conscience meant lower probability for the transition. Expand
Implicaciones del consumo de drogas en el ajuste psicosocial de una muestra de adolescentes españoles
  • Estrella Fátima Rueda Aguilar
  • 2020
Numerosas investigaciones han estudiado las relaciones entre el consumo de drogas y los recursos personales, familiares y sociales de los adolescentes. Las relaciones encontradas resultanExpand


Impulsividad y consumo de alcohol y tabaco en adolescentes
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Attitudes and perceived risk of cannabis use in Irish adolescents
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Percepción de la funcionalidad familiar y el consumo de alcohol en adolescentes
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Parenting styles and alcohol use among adolescents: A longitudinal study
Parenting style has been identified as one of the most important risk and protective factors for substance use in adolescents. Evidence suggests that the influence of each parenting style onExpand
Examining a social reaction model in the prediction of adolescent alcohol use.
Results from 835 adolescents support the social reaction pathway of the PWM model when applied to adolescent alcohol use, meaning that adolescent drinking behavior is based on a less planned and socially based decision process. Expand
Steps in the construction and verification of an explanatory model of psychosocial adjustment
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Sensation-Seeking and Impulsivity as Predictors of Reactive and Proactive Aggression in Adolescents
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The Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support
The development of a self-report measure of subjectively assessed social support, the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS), is described. Subjects included 136 female and 139Expand
European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
The EMCDDA Programme 2, 'Analysis of responses', set out to identify how social reintegration is understood in each Member State and to map the availability of social reIntegration facilities in Member States according to these national perceptions. Expand
Interpersonal Value Profiles and Analysis to Adolescent Behavior and Social Attitudes // Perfiles de valores interpersonales y análisis de conductas y actitudes sociales de adolescentes
Los objetivos de este trabajo son identificar los diferentes perfiles de valores interpersonales y analizar si entre ellos, existen diferencias respecto a la conducta y actitud social. Todo ello, enExpand