Análisis sintáctico combinado de gramáticas de adjunción de árboles y de gramáticas de inserción de árboles

  title={An{\'a}lisis sint{\'a}ctico combinado de gram{\'a}ticas de adjunci{\'o}n de {\'a}rboles y de gram{\'a}ticas de inserci{\'o}n de {\'a}rboles},
  author={Miguel A. Alonso and Vicente Carrillo Montero and V{\'i}ctor J. D{\'i}az Madrigal},
  journal={Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural},
Adjunction is a powerful operation that makes Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) useful for describing the syntactic structure of natural languages. In practice, a large part of wide coverage grammars written following the TAG formalism is formed by trees that can be combined by means of the simpler kind of adjunction defined for Tree Insertion Grammar. In this article, we describe a parsing algorithm that makes use of this characteristic to reduce the practical complexity of TAG parsing: the… CONTINUE READING

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