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Análisis estructural de los chrysovirus mediante criomicroscopía electrónica tridimensional: estuctura a resolución cuasi-atómica del virus de Penicillium chrysogenum

  title={An{\'a}lisis estructural de los chrysovirus mediante criomicroscop{\'i}a electr{\'o}nica tridimensional: estuctura a resoluci{\'o}n cuasi-at{\'o}mica del virus de Penicillium chrysogenum},
  author={Josu{\'e} G{\'o}mez Blanco},
Chrysoviruses are fungal double-stranded RNA viruses with a multipartite genome comprised of four monocistronic dsRNA segments. Each segment is separately encapsidated in a similar particle. Penicillium chrysogenum virus (PcV) is the type species of the family Chrysoviridae. The PcV capsid is an authentic T=1 lattice formed by 60 subunits, and the capsid protein appears to be a repeated a-helical domain, indicative of gene duplication. Whereas the PcV capsid protein has two motifs with a…