Análisis de sobrevida en pacientes con diagnóstico de Cáncer de Vulva en el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.

  title={An{\'a}lisis de sobrevida en pacientes con diagn{\'o}stico de C{\'a}ncer de Vulva en el Instituto Nacional del C{\'a}ncer.},
  author={Marcela C{\'a}rcamo and Juan Jos{\'e} Orellana and Patricio Gay{\'a}n and Mª Teresa Valenzuela},
Introduction: In the World, Cancer of Vulva lies between 3 to 5% of all malignancies in the female reproductive tract; it is classified as a disease with a low frequency. Objective: To estimate the overall survival and conditional survival given one and two year’s survival after diagnostic in patients with vulvar cancer at the National Cancer Institute (INC). Material and Methods : Retrospective cohort study. We analyzed database, which includes patients diagnosed with vulvar cancer, between… CONTINUE READING

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